Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blog Tweaks

Friends, if you look, you'll notice a couple of changes to the sidebar on the right.

I added a "Featured" section, with which I'm not quite sure what I'll do in the future, but for now has links to my two publications - Whispers of Faith, of which I am one of the editors, and The Importance of Friendship between Adults and Young Friends, an essay I wrote which was in the most recent FGC Connections newsletter.

I also got rid of the "Previous Posts" section, as it had links to posts that you could easily scroll down to find, and it was taking up space. (If you want to find a post that's less recent than the ones on the immediate page, search in the Archives section.)

There is now a link to each post of my series of postings about my experiences at FGC Gathering this year, all organized and easy to find.

Let me know if you like or dislike any of these changes, or have further suggestions. (I'm slowly improving my HTML skills.) Hopefully I'll have a more meaningful post up soon.

Love and Light,


Blogger Martin Kelley said...

Hi Claire: It looks great. The only thing that I could want is a single URL to the (awesome!) Gathering series. Maybe the bottom of the preface could have a links to each of the other pieces? Your Friend, Martin

8/8/05 11:35 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

Thanks for the suggestion Martin! I've now (painstakingly) gone through and added links to the bottom of each Gathering post - one takes you to the next post, the other takes you to the previous post. I just went through and checked them, too, so all should be working well.

Hopefully this will make it much easier to read through - less time tracking it all down.

Love and Light,

9/8/05 1:06 AM  
Anonymous robin M. said...

I like it.

I have just started my own blog, maybe I can write to you and ask you HOW you did all this. You can see it at Robin M: What Canst Thou Say?

Inspired by the summer travelogues, I started with some reporting on Pacific Yearly Meeting.

11/8/05 1:42 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

Robin I'm so glad you now have a blog! I mean, I thought it was perfectly fine for you to just read and comment - I had absolutely no problem with that, but I'm excited to read your posts all the same! Thanks so much for letting me know.

Love and Light,

12/8/05 1:02 AM  

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