Thursday, May 05, 2005

Some Passion in Chaos

Despite my lack of ability to find stillness in my life, I am still able to find my passion. I'm involved in so many different things (Quaker and other) that I feel like I'm constantly losing my mind! The upside to this, however, is that I'm involved in many things that I am passionate about. While I'm running around feeling an all too familiar twinge of insanity, I'm still finding ways to coordinate with other Friends both locally and nationally about my experiences and get things done that I didn't think I could do. After speaking on a panel at a conference with a good portion of Quaker editors, representatives of publishers, and authors, I'm finding that there is so much I want to write!

Every day I feel like I think of something else I need or want to do or read, and at this rate I'll never have another free moment! Somehow I need to discover the peace in all of this chaos - I can't just wait for my life to calm down because by now I've learned that I don't let my life calm down. Every time I think there's a less chaotic period of time coming up, it turns out to be just as chaotic as the time before.

If I believed there was such a thing as 'over ambitious', I'd give myself that label right away! (Perhaps overly ambitious will have to suffice for now.)

I will find peace and calm. I just have to listen and wait - things that are all too quickly forgotten in this fast-paced life I lead.


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