Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finding the Spirit in the Mundane

I continue to find that when I look back upon my posts I am reminded of things that came to me on a particular day, but that I let go of too soon. I need to remember the joy and love in everything around me, I need to remember to listen with my heart more than my head. I need to remember that it is ok to have periods of spiritual chaos, or periods of spiritual dry-ness. Forcing things usually makes them worse.

It is so difficult to remember these things in my life here at school (I live at a boarding school); I feel that I am stuck in a rut. A few months ago I placed pieces of paper on the wall by my bed that say the following things: "Peace - To be calm within despite chaos without", "Listen with calm Patience", "Nurture with Care and Grace", and "LOVE passionately". It was my hope that if I was reminded by these words each morning that I may remember them throughout my daily routines. Usually, though, I barely notice them in my groggy morning state as I check my email, throw on some normal clothes, grab my bag, and shuffle off to class. I find it incredibly easy to be distracted during the day from things I hope to keep in my heart at all times. I realize that I do keep things in my heart even if I am not constantly thinking of them, but there are times when I simply forget or get frustrated and don't remember to feel. I've spent too long feeling like the mundane and the spiritual aspects of life are seperate.

I feel so distracted these days! I don't even know by what! Though I know it is ok to be chaotic sometimes, I wish that I were better at feeling and identifying the Spirit in the mundane during these periods of chaos.


Anonymous Robin said...

For years now I have used, whenever possible, the virtue I am trying to practice as my computer password. It's not the most secure kind of password, but it forces me to type the word patience or forgiveness or honesty at least once a day. I can still drowse through sometimes, but usually, I have to think for a split second about why that is my password.

13/5/05 10:47 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

That is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

15/5/05 11:52 PM  

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