Saturday, May 28, 2005

Brief update

It's been a week, so I thought I'd just slip in a post to show that I do still exist.

This last week was littered with final exams and year-end events.

Today was my high school graduation; doubly emotional coming from a boarding school. I haven't slept in a day, and I just had the most amazingly wonderful night with some wonderful people (some of whom I won't be seeing for a long time). I'm in a state of complete disbelief that it's actually over, feeling torn away, lonely, and in need of many more hugs from those I won't see so much anymore.

I was almost inspired to write a post earlier this week, but I haven't had the energy, nor the focus, to write anything meaningful here. I haven't been consciously focused on spirituality this week, which, while it's frustrating sometimes, is ok from time to time. Despite this lack of conscious focus on spirituality, I have felt in the last couple days as though my class, the class of 2005, has been held in the light, in a sense, by the school and the school community these last couple days. It's just how everything felt to me; it's not a Quaker school or anything.

I know this may seem petty compared to many other things, but please hold me in the light as I transition from an environment where I've had such an amazing, wonderful, and supportive friends around in-person almost whenever I need or want to be with them, to living on my own and paying for my own rent for 2 1/2 months, with most of my friends only available to me through the internet and occasionally the phone. Thank you, Friends. I will try to have a more focused post up soon after I recuperate from this trainwreck of emotions.


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